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Camponotus vagus

Added on: 4/15/2009
Article number: cava0001
Category: Ants>Europe

Camponotus vagus is a black, haired, strong and aggressive Camponotus species that can be found mainly in deadwood. This species is polymorph with size difference of up to 1 cm. This species can be found in clear forest, preferably pine forests.

  • Taxonomy: Formicinae
  • Distribution: Central- and South Europe
  • Size: 6 - 16 mm
  • Characteristics: Major- and Minor workers
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects and other small animals
  • Colony size: large
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Nest building: In deadwood, under stones
  • Specifics: There are Major- and Minor workers
  • Soil condition: forest floor
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Colony - Currently not available
20 - 40 workers (2014)

Crematogaster scutellaris

Added on: 6/17/2008
Article number: crsc0001
Category: Ants>Europe

This is a beautiful colored red-black colored ants species of Southern Europe. This species often forage on long street to their feeding lots. On excitement they raises the gaster upwards similar to a scorpion to defend their attackers with their defense secretion.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae
  • Distribution: Southern Europe
  • Color: shiny black with red head
  • Size: Queen 7 -9 mm
  • Nest building: Nests in death wood of trees.
  • Nutrition: Honeywater, insects
  • Soil condition: any, wood nests
  • Level: easy
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Small colony - Currently not available
With 5-10 workers (2018)
Colony - Currently not available
10 - 20 workers (2013)
Colony - Currently not available
ca 200workers

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