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Aggiunto il: 06/12/2008
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Talcum powder can be used as break out protection. The Talcum powder can be applied either dry or wet with a brush on the upper edge of the ants basin. The layer to be applied should be as thick as 2 - 3 times ants size. In addition, this must be renewed all couple of months because the ants removes the talcum powder with the time.

EINECS No.: 238-877-9
CAS-No.: 14807-96-6

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Normale - invece di 1,29 € ora solo 1,00 €
Contenuto: circa. 20 ml, Colore: grigio-bianco

Griglia di acciaio inossidabile

Aggiunto il: 11/08/2008
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Very fine meshed stainless steel grid with a mesh size of only 0,25 mm and a wire gauge of only 0,165 mm. It may be used as break out protection in Formicarium covers.

Because of its fine mesh size it is ideal for any kind of ants species. It is especially suited for ant species with forceful mandibles like Leaf cutting ants.

Other sizes with up to 60 cm width on request!

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Normale - 3,00 €
Dimensione: 20 x 20 cm
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Dimensione: 50 x 20 cm
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Dimensione: 100 x 20 cm

Foglio rosso

Aggiunto il: 29/10/2017
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Shiny red-transparent PVC film with a thickness of 80μm to cover the nest area. The fact that the red light is barely perceived by ants prevents the ants from blocking the sight to the nest area covered with the foil so that it can be seen very well through the foil.

The film is self-adhesive and can be very easily attached to the glass, but also does not stick so tight, so that you can peel it off again.

Special dimensions are possible on request, the maximum width is 1,20m.

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