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Messor cephalotes

Added on: 5/2/2012
Article number: mece0001
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Largest Messor species in the world with huge majors - it is highly polymorphic. The young animals of these ants have a bright red color. This species does not require hibernation and can be kept warm.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae, Tribe Pheidolini
  • Color: copper red
  • Distribution: Central and East Africa
  • Characteristics:  polymorph, monogyne
  • Nest building: Large soil nests
  • Nutrition: Mostly seeds from different rampant plants (also grass), but insects and honeywater too
  • Temperature: 24- 28°C
  • Hibernation: No
  • Air humidity: dry
  • Planting: nothing specific

All of our Messor will be shipped with a small container of hand-picked plant seeds that are most popular for the Messor.


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Colony - Currently not available
With about 1000 workers