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Myrmica sabuleti

Added on: 11/2/2006
Article number: mysa0001
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Myrmica sabuleti is a red-brown ant species which is distributed throughout Europe. This species can be found in grassland or heathland habitates, avoids high meadows and can not be found in lowland (below 400 m). It is a mostly polygyne species.

  • Taxonomy: Myrmicinae
  • Size: Workers: 4 - 5 mm, Queen: 5,5 - 6,5 mm
  • Color: red-brown
  • Distribution: Europe
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Temperature: 20 - 25 °C
  • Nest building: Soil nests, under or in rotten wood, under stones and in moss
  • Planting: Grass
  • Class: easy
  • Specifics: Workers can sting, not as aggressive as Myrmica rubra
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