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Pheidologeton sp.

Ajouté au: 02/11/2006
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Similar to Pheidologeton diversus (workers ride on their queens and sometimes also on the soldiers). In contrast to P. diversus this kind creates tunneled streets to their feeding place.

  • Origin: South-East Asia
  • Color: Workers: braun, Soldiers: black and also brown
  • Characteristics: strong polymorph, monogyn and also polygyn
  • Nutrition: insects and seeds
  • Hibernation: No
  • Temperature: 24 - 28 °C (tolerates cooler temperatures than Pheidologeton diversus for instance)
  • Humidity: moist
  • Soil conditions: loamy sand, loam
  • Planting: not necessary
  • Accessories: heat source
  • Level: for advancer
  • Specifics: Very interesting ants because their predatory attacks like this of driver ants. They also apply fixed "highways" when the colony is great enough. The workers ride on their queens (for protection) and sometimes also on the soldiers. The difference of size between the workers and soldiers is the biggest of all ant species.
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