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Pogonomyrmex rugosus

Ajouté au: 21/05/2012
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A beautiful North American harvester ant. The mainly black coloration appears shiny blue under light and also shows red highlights. Pogonomyrmex species typically harvest seeds, which are stored as an additional food source. However, large amounts of insects are captured by colonies.

  • Taxonomy: Myrmicinae
  • Color: blackish-red; color is highly variable
  • Distribution: Northern America
  • Nutrition: mostly seeds from different rampant plants (also grasses), but also insects and honeywater
  • Temperature: 25 - 35 °C
  • Hibernation: no *1
  • Air humidity: dry climate
  • Nest building: soil nests
  • Planting: nothing specific
  • Class: easy to keep, but quite aggressive

Untreated hand-picked plant seeds will be included with all Pogonomyrmex sold.


*1: Keeping this ants for 2-3 months at about 20°C is recommended.

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