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Polyrhachis cf. illaudata

Ajouté au: 26/05/2015
No. article: pocf0001
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In contrast to the Polyrhachis dives these Polyrhachis do not belong to the spining weaver's ants.

They live in natural hollow cavities (e.g., to bamboo canes, wooden trunks or similar).

  •     Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae, Tribus Camponotini
  •     Origin: Asia
  •     Winter rest: No
  •     Color :silbrig black
  •     Nest construction: Bamboo canes, wooden trunks or similar.
  •     Food: Honey water, insects
  •     Temperature: 25 - 28 °C
  •     Air humidity: 60 - 80% (tropical climate)
  •     Surface conditions: Only for any(possible) plantation inevitably
  •     Position class: simply 
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