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Pseudomyrmex gracilis

Added on: 12/20/2011
Article number: psgr0001
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Pseudomyrmex gracilis occurs well into the tropical part of South America in the southern part of North America, central America. You will be shown at various of colors and sizes. This large Pseudomyrmecinae inhabited hollow branches. In the position, you can use dry branches of blackberries or raspberries, scrape out the marrow of animals to build their nest. All branches must be able to dry after irrigation so as not to molds. The species can be well socialized, other ants they nimbly dodges. You can see very well and react to slight movements in the visual field. Your wasp-like appearance and rapid jerky movements are an exception for arboreal ants. The animals are very active and four operate continuously during the day, you should offer them a large terrarium with lots of plants.

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Colony, orange-brown form - Currently not available
With 30 workers
Colony, black form - Currently not available
With 100 - 200 workers
Colony, brown / red variety (Central America) head and abdomen: brown, thorax: red - Currently not available
50 - 100 workers