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Tetramorium impurum

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Tetramorium impurum is an aggressive black brown ant species. This species favor sunny and dry places and loamy ground. It can often be found in cities between pavements. It is a monogyne species which will be suppressed by Tetramorium caespitum in lowland

  • Taxonomy: Myrmicinae
  • Color: black brown
  • Distribution: throughout Europe
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water, seeds and death insects
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Temperature: 20 - 30 °C
  • Nest building: Soil nests, builds small soil based mounds between grass stems or under stones
  • Planting: any
  • Class: easy
  • Specifics: Collects various kind of seeds. Larger colonies are pugnacious
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