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Odontomachus cf rixosus

Added on: 11/02/06
Article number: odsp0001

These ants are able to catapult themselfs up to 40 cm far thru sudden lock up of their mandibles. This mandible lock up is the fastest known mechanism in the fauna. The upper jaw closes with a speed of 38 to 64 m/s. Thru locking up their jaws they are anesthetizing their prey to afterwards sting it to death. It is improper for a corporate tank/formicarium because they will attack any other species at first encounter.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Ponerinae, Tribe Ponerini
  • Distribution: South-East Asia, Southern America
  • Color: brown
  • Size: 12 mm
  • Hibernation: No
  • Nutrition: Sugar water and insects
  • Temperature: 24 - 28 °C
  • Nest building: Soil nests and rotten wood
  • Keeping level: easy
  • Dangers: can sting
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Small colony - Currently not available
With 40-60 workers