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Oecophylla smaragdina

Added on: 11/02/06
Article number: oesm0001

These specie lives in trees like ficus, therein they build their nests. For greater colonies it is better to offer them more trees. They waeve at team work leaves which be use as homebase or louse-cultivation room. Never Nestling in the soil. Use own brood (larvae) to weave

  • Origin:Southeast Asia
  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae, Tribe Oecophyllini
  • Characteristics: minors and majors
  • Hibernation: No
  • Appearence of the queen: great, vigorous, often green, brown
  • Appearance of the workers: brown, slim with long extremities
  • Nest bulding: weaved nests between leaves of trees
  • Nutrition: honeywater, insects
  • Temperature: 22 - 28°C
  • Air humidity: 60 - 80 % (tropical rainforest)
  • Soil conditions: only necessary for planting, nesting between leaves
  • Planting: ficus
  • Level: Medium

Hint: Large Oecophylla smaragdina colonies have many branch nests (polydom) but only one main nest with a mated Queen. Because we don't want to cheat our customers we will only sell opened (verified) nests with guaranteed mated Queens which were usually kept by us several months before we sell. Unopened nests can contain parasites or vermins (Mites, cockroaches, etc.). So called low-cost colonies without Queen are wasted money because you don't take pleasure in very long.

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Small Colony - Currently not available
With ca. 50-70 workers
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Colony - Currently not available
With 1000-2000 workers
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