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Pheidologeton sp. "matt"

Added on: 11/02/06
Article number: phsp0002

This Pheidologeton species is in contrary to Pheidologeton diversus matt black colored and can mostly be found in rain forest. It is a monogyn species. Almost daily they do predatory attacks like the known driver ants in contrary to Pheidologeton diversus where this behaviour is sporadically. The size of this colony is in most cases smaller than of Pheidologeton diversus. It is also not possible to adopt workers or queens like it is possible with Pheidologeton diversus. The workers ride on their queens (for protection) and sometimes also on the soldiers. The difference of size between the workers and soldiers is the biggest of all ant species.

  • Taxonomy: Submailiy Myrmicinae, Tribe Pheidologetonini
  • Distribution: South-East Asia (Rain forest)
  • Color: matt black
  • Characteristics: strong polymorph, monogyn
  • Nest building: soli nests
  • Nutrition: mostly insects and also seeds (nuts)
  • Hibernation: No
  • Temperature: 25 - 30 °C
  • Humidity: 50 - 60% at 28° C (moist ground)
  • Soil conditions: loamy sand, loam
  • Planting: not necessary
  • Accessories: heat source
  • Level: for advancer

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