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Polyrhachis cf. beccarii

Added on: 02/19/10
Article number: posp0006

This is a beautiful golden colored tropical Polyrhachis species of Southeast Asia. It is an undemanding, diurnal, and tame species.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae, Tribe Camponotini
  • Distribution: Southeast Asia
  • Hibernation: No
  • Appearence: golden
  • Colony size: medium
  • Nest bulding: dry tree branches or hollow tree trunks
  • Nutrition: honeywater, insects and other small animals
  • Temperature: 25 - 28°C
  • Air humidity: 60 - 80 % (tropical rainforest)
  • Soil conditions: only necessary for planting
  • Planting: usefull because they like walking on plants


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