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Acromyrmex cf. crassispinus

Ajouté au: 02/11/2006
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A very robust Acromyrmex species wich don't need much space. This species is smaller than Acromyrmex octospinosus and colored chocolate brown. Larger colonies can be kept in multiple basins which are connected together with pipes. They cut various kind of leaves e.g. bramble-, raspberry-, oaks-,roseleaves, privet etc. They cultivate a fungus garden which they do dung, trim and "medicate" with a hormone they produce in special adenoids. They will pulpify the leaves and apply it on the fungus. Old pieces of fungus will be removed and thrown to special midden. They will almost only subsist on special "bulbs" that they can harvest from fungus. This offered Acromyrmex are young colonies, no queens from existing colonies.


Note: We guarantee that all queens in these young colonies are mated.

  • Distribution: South-America
  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae, Tribe Attini
  • Characteristics: very intensive caste
  • Size: Queen 10 - 12 mm, Workers may ranges from 5 to 15 mm
  • Appearance: Workers are at the back with thorns
  • Color: black-brown
  • Nest building: Usually soil nests with fungus chamber
  • Nutrition: fungi which the ants cultivate of bramble-, raspberry-, oaks- or roseleaves
  • Temperature: 20 - 25°C
  • Soil conditions: loam, humus soil but can also be kept without any substrate
  • Planting: None
  • Level: advancer

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