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Pachycondyla tarsata

Added on: 5/12/2013
Article number: paan0001
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Platythyrea cribrinodis

Added on: 5/5/2010
Article number: plcr0001
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 Interesting ponerinae species from veld of East-Africa. It is an aggresive species.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Ponerinae, Tribe Platythyreini
  • Distribution: East-Africa
  • Color: black (matt)
  • Size: ca. 20 mm
  • Hibernation: No
  • Nutrition: Honey-/Sugar water, fruits, insects and other small animals, also brood of other ants like Lasius niger
  • Temperature: hot, 26 - 30°C (Ground 26°C)
  • Humidity: dry
  • Soil condition: Sand, Soil
  • Nest building: Soil nest with tree stump or tree root
  • Activity: diurnal
  • Notes: unsuitable for keeping in community basin (exception is Meranoplus)
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Colony - Currently not available
With 40-60 ants