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Megalomyrmex sp.

Added on: 10/11/2012
Article number: mesp0004
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  • Distribution: South America Subfamily: Myrmicinae Genus: Megalomyrmex
  • Size : Worker: 5mm queen: about 5-6mm polygynous
  • Lifestyle : A resident of the South American rainforest.
  • Nutrition : Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Attitude : Ideally in a well planted tropical pool with rotten wood.
  • Temperature : 24 - 26 °C

Here these ants exist predominantly in rotten wood. High humidity is vital for this ant. You have to have a fast recruitment behavior and by their chemical defenses, they can defend themselves against much larger and more aggressive ants. In the long run Megalomyrmex is spec. not recommended for a community tank. Through their strong chemical defenses expel them from the other ants feeding grounds.

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Colony - Currently not available
Colony - Currently not available
Polygyne colony with 60 - 100 workers
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Polygyne colony with 250-300 workers

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