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Gigantiops destructor

Added on: 11/1/2008
Article number: gide0001
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  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae, Tribe Gigantiopini
  • Distribution: South America
  • Color: black
  • Size: Queen: 15 mm, Worker: 10 - 15 mm
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Hibernation: No (see climate)
  • Climate: tropical
  • Humidity: Rain forest
  • Nest building: This species nests in soil and hollow tree branches (Very suitable for keeping in Ytong-Stones)
  • Planting: Various rain forest plants (recommended)
  • Level: medium
  • Activity: diurnal (good lighting required)
  • Specifics: Formicine with big eyes and a very good sight. They are moving by jumping from leaf to leaf and they recognizes their prey from larger distances. Persons are recognized and followed with their eyes by wagging the heads. If they feel threatened they are able to move backwards. Is able to spray their acid very aimed.
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With 30-40 workers
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5-10 workers

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