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Atta sp. "Amérique du Sud"

Ajouté au: 19/11/2009
No. article: atse0002
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Fungus cultivating ants species, cutting leafs which process to pulp is the basis of their fungus cultivation. This species is a notably large Atta.

  • Distribution: South-America
  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae, Tribe Attini
  • Characteristics: very intensive caste
  • Appearence of the queen: about 30 mm, very dark brown stout queen
  • Appearance of the workers: brown, at the back with thorns
  • Appearance of the soldiers: to 18 mm, well-fortified animals
  • Nutrition: fungi which the ants cultivate of bramble-, raspberry-, oaks- or roseleafs
  • Temperature: 24°C
  • Air humidity: dump-tropical rainforest
  • Soil conditions: loam, humus soil,
  • Level: advancer
  • Risks: Because of the high air humiditiy there is a higher risk of mildews and mites
  • Specifics: fungus cultivating ant-specie, cutting leafs which process to pulp is the basis of their fungus cultivation..

Attention: Shipping to abroad is only possible on customers risk i.e. no replacement possible on dead arrival.
Attention: Breeding from a Queen is very difficult even with fungus and mated Queen. Only for advanced keepers!

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