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Camponotus herculeanus

Added on: 11/2/2006
Article number: cahe0001
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Camponotus herculeanus is one of the biggest european ant species. Can be mostly found in highlands and they build theire nests in wood (coniferous wood)

  • Taxonomy: Formicinae
  • Color: black with dark brown thorax
  • Distribution: Central Europe
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Nest building: Build their nest in wood with greater underground areas
  • Planting: Similary to the forest or mountains with branches, roots, moos
  • Class: easy
  • Specifics: Has Minor- and Major workers. Very fortified; could with one bite decapitate formica-ants. They attack humans only by nest disruption. Shows activity by day and night (diurnal and nocturnal). They build nests preferably in wood or under stones. A radiant heating should heat a stone or an angle of the formicarium in the daytime.
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