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Camponotus storeatus

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This is a beautifully coloured Camponotus species from the southern parts of Africa, which also stands out due to its exceptional behavior. This species lives in steppes and semi-deserts, which is why it's not difficult to keep in captivitiy. A noticeable characteristic is the good eyesight and its impressive size.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily: Formicinae
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Colour: dark red, gaster with dense cream-colored hairs, sometimes interrupted by median bare patches
  • Size: Queen: about 17 - 18 mm / Minor: about 9 - 10 mm / Media: about 11 - 14 mm / Major: about 15 - 19 mm
  • Dormant phase: in nature from June to end of August, temperatures up to +7 °C at night, up to 20 °C during the day
  • Nutrition: honey/sugar water and insects
  • Temperature: from warm to very hot: about 24 - 34 °C
  • Soil conditions: sandy/rocky soil
  • Nest building: porous concrete, plaster or soil nests
  • Planting: typical plants of arid areas
  • Specifics: very colourful and good eyesight

Attention: A specialized carrier for live animals should be used. Shipping abroad at your own risk!

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