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Camponotus truncatus

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Camponotus truncatus (formerly known as Colobopsis) is a tree dweller ant species which can be found in deadwood (rotten branches of trees) and which can be found in warmer regions of Germany or in Mediterranean area. A distinctive feature of this species are the major workers which have a kind of bung shaped head to close the nestentry. Also the Queen has such a shaped head to close nest entry during colony foundation. This species generally avoids confrontation with other ant species, however they are aggressive against strange colonies of the same species.

  • Taxonomy: Formicinae
  • Distribution: Central- and South Europe
  • Size: Major/Minor: 3-6mm, Queen: 6-7mm
  • Characteristics: Major- and Minor workers
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Colony size: small, up to 500 workers.
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Nest building: In deadwood, founding also in stems of certain plants
  • Specifics: There are Major- and Minor workers whereby major workers have a kind of bung shaped head to close nest entry.
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