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Carebara sp.

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This Carebara species is colored matt black and occurs mainly in the rainforest. In addition, this species is monogynous. Almost every day she raids like the well-known driver ants, in contrast to Caraebara diversus, which only raids sporadically. In contrast to Carebara diversus, the adoption of female workers is difficult here, not possible for queens. The workers "ride" on the queens (for protection) and sometimes also on the big soldiers. Here you can find the biggest difference in height and dimensions between workers and soldiers. The queen in this Carebara sp. strikingly large. All colonies were raised from a queen.

Taxonomy: subfamily Myrmicinae, tribe Pheidologetonini
Distribution: Southeast Asia (rainforest)
Color: matt black
Characteristics: pronounced box formation, monogyn
Nest building: earth nests
Food: mostly insects and grains (nuts)
Hibernation: No.
Temperature: 25-30 ° C
Air humidity: 50 - 60% at 28 ° C (moist floor)
Soil quality: loamy sand or loam soil (e.g. forest floor)
Planting: Not necessary
Formicaria accessories: heat source
Formicaria equipment: rainforest, moss, leaves, pieces of wood
Attitude class: for advanced

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