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Cephalotes (Cryptocerus) cf. pusillus

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Very individual shaped Myrmicinae which can close their nest entries with their head similar like Camponotus truncatus. This species is ideal for keeping in a community basin (basin with different ants species) because they don't attack other species. They even can't be attacked by other species because of their individual shape. In danger they duck down like a turtle on to the ground and even their antennas can be hidden in special notch on the head. In addition Cephalotes have a very good sight and reacts very fast on movements in their environment. Some Cephalotes species can control their flight direction during free fall with the purpose to land on their nest tree.

Important keeping notice: The nest branches have got to be able to dry off permanently. A good air circulation is essential. Mould growth in nesting area can kill the ants in the long-term.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamilie Myrmicinae, Tribe Cephalotini
  • Distribution: South America
  • Color: silvery-black
  • Size: 3 - 7 mm, Queen: approx. 9 mm
  • Hibernation: No
  • Nutrition:  Honey/sugarwater, insects, spiders and other small animals
  • Temperature:  from cool through very hot 15 - 30°C
  • Soil conditions: not necessary because nests in wood
  • Nest building: nests in small branches of trees and hollow stems of bushes
  • Planting: Plants with nectary like Passiflora, Impatiens, etc. useful
  • Specifics: polymorph (3 - 7 mm)


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