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Cyphomyrmex sp.

Aggiunto il: 02/11/2006
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Fungi breeding myrmicinae from south America. Cultivates the fungus of insect feces/corpus, pieces of fruits. It's very appropriated to combine them in one basin with other ant species. Also aggressive ant species are almost innocuous to them because they seems to have an daunting substance. They don't cut leaves.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae,Tribe Attini
  • Origin: Southern America
  • Hibernation: No
  • Color: medium till dark brown
  • Nest bulding: Within fungi under rotten wood
  • Nutrition: fungi which the ants cultivate of pieces of fruits and insect feces/corpus.
  • Temperature: 25 - 28°C
  • Air humidity: 60 - 80 % (tropical rainforest)
  • Soil conditions: moist Humus (foliage) and rotten wood
  • Planting: possible but not necessary
  • Keeping Level: easy
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