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Formica (Serviformica) cunicularia

Added on: 11/2/2006
Article number: focu0001
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Common "helping ant" (slaves) like Formica fusca for the predation ants e.g. Raptiformica or Polyergus. It is favored over Formica fusca by Polyergus for example.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae
  • Distribution: Europe
  • Characteristics: Monomorph, colonies seldom polygyn
  • Size: Workers: 5 - 7 mm, Queen: 8 -9 mm
  • Nest-building: Earth mounds in sunny grass land
  • Nutrition: Honeywater, insects
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Temperature: warm (at day time heating source possible)
  • Soil conditions: Sand-Loam
  • Planting: optional
  • Level: easy
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Colony - Currently not available
Contains about 20-30 workers
Queen - Currently not available
With 5-10 workers