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Lasius umbratus

Added on: 10/8/2017
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Lasius umbratus is a parasitic Formicinae. To gain access to the nest of the hosts (mostly Lasius niger) the Queen kills a worker ant to gain their scent. This will make it easier to infiltrate the host colony. However only a very small number of Queens are successful to access mostly small host colonies. After infiltration the host Queen will be neutralised either by killing or expelling. The host worker ants accept the new Queen and keep care on her brood. As there are more and more Lasius umbratus workers, the remaining host workers gets killed.

  • Taxonomy: Formicinae, Tribe: Lasiini
  • Size: Workers: 3,5 - 5 mm, Queen: 8 - 9 mm
  • Color: Yellow to brownish yellow
  • Distribution: throughout Europe, Asia and Northern America
  • Nutrition: primary honey- or sugar water and later protein in the form of insects
  • Hibernation: Yes
  • Temperature: 20° - 25° C
  • Nest building: Soil nests, builds small soil based mounds between grass stems or under stones, partly "cardboard" nests
  • Planting: Grass or similar (not suitable for the arena)
  • Class: very easy after foundation
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With 10-30 worker ants (Lasius niger) that were joined before hibernation after foundation