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Meranoplus mucronatus

Aggiunto il: 12/11/2013
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A very large Meranoplus spec. which nests in dead wood or soil nests. The workers are having about 7-8mm more than twice as large known as the Meranoplus bicolor.

This ant is only suitable for a community tank. As is the large diurnal ant colonies they would be very well suited for densely planted a tropical pool. The diet with sugar or honey water and insects is very easy.

  • Taxonomy: Myrmicinae, Tribe Meranoplini
  • Distribution: Southeast Asia
  • Appearance of the workers: head and abdomen black, thorax red-brown
  • Nest building: dead wood
  • Food: Insects and honey water
  • Hibernation: No
  • Temperature: Warm: 25 - 30 ° C.
  • Soil: sand, clay
  • Planting: small potted plant
  • Specifics: The ants move very slowly, because they rely entirely on their chemical defenses.
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