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Camponotus nigriceps

Aggiunto il: 11/02/06
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Camponotus nigriceps which is also known as "sugar ant" is a easy to keep Camponotus species from Australia.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Formicinae, Tribe Camponotini
  • Distribution: Australia
  • Color: black with red or yellow leggs and brown abdomen
  • Size: Queen (with yellow leggs) about 19 - 22 mm, Queen (with red leggs) about 18 - 19 mm
  • Nutrition: Honey- or sugar water and insects
  • Hibernation: No (see climate)
  • Climate: subtropics (moist)
  • Humidity: Rain forest
  • Nest building: This species nests in loamy ground
  • Planting: nothing specific
  • Level: easy

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