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Camponotus spec.

Added on: 11/13/14
Article number: casp0019

A very nice Camponotus sp. from Africa. This ant is in contrast to many other diurnal Camponotus and very nice to watch species. She lives in hollow branches or twigs and needs a very warm and dry environment. Access to drinking water, however, must be ensured. The food is quite easy with honey or sugar water and various insects.

The colony offered here includes approximately 800 - 1200 workers and comes with the pictured Korkästen. In the colony now also sex animals are used.

     Taxonomy: Family Formicinae, Tribe Camponotini
     Size: Queen: 10 - 12 mm, the workers: 5 - -10mm
     Color: matte black
     Range: East Africa
     Food: Honey or sugar water and insects
     Hibernation: No
     Temperature: 26 - 30 ° C (very hot)
     Humidity: dry (desert)
     Habitat: hollow branches, twigs

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Colony with 800-1200 workers