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Fungus of Atta sexdens

Added on: 11/02/06
Article number: fuof0001

We provide fungus of Atta for free for our customers. This is intended for people who run into trouble with their colony bought by us.

You can contact us by phone or email and we will send pieces of Atta fungus tablespoons sized (about 15 cm³) with brood and small workers (however only if enough available).
We do not send colonies of Atta until they grown to safe size of individuals. In case of keeping mistake which lead to loss of fungus (for example rottenness, mold or dry out) it may be possible to save the colony by adding pieces of foreign fungus of Atta.
Adding fungus too late or in case of unmated queens with doubtful origin it is of course senseless to add fungus.

Atta queens with no or too little fungus (may be from certain cheap ant sellers) only have a little chance to establish a colony in terrarium.

We will also sell fungus to others (customers who don't bought the colony here) on request!

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Fungus for customers - Currently not available
For customers (approx. 15 cm³ fungus)
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