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Messor cf. orientalis

Ajouté au: 11/02/06
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Oriental Messor species which doesn't need hibernation. This species is also active in cool season in their range. It is significant easier to keep this species than for example Messor barbarus and they subsist on seeds, honey-/sugar water but also insects (similar to many Pheidole species). A typical identifiers is the caldera formed nest entry. They will often be found in sand or loamy sand. The shape of the body is slimmer than of Messor barbarus and the color of the workers is brown till black. The queen is colored black with brown legs.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily Myrmicinae, Tribe Pheidolini
  • Color: Workers: darkbrown, Queen: black with brown legs
  • Size: Queen 11 - 13 mm
  • Distribution: Orient (Asia Minor)
  • Characteristics:  polymorph
  • Nest building: Soil nests, often in sand or under stones
  • Nutrition: Mostly seeds from different rampant plants (also grass), but insects and honeywater too
  • Temperature: 22 - 30 °C
  • Hibernation: No
  • Air humidity: Dry climate
  • Planting: nothing specific
  • Level: very easy to keep

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