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Myrmecia pyriformis

Ajouté au: 11/07/19
No. article: mycf0003
  • Taxonomie: SubfamilyMyrmiciinae, Tribe Myrmeciini
  • Distribution: Eastern Australia (moderate climate)
  • Color: Mandible: red-brown, Head: black, Thorax: black, Abdomen: shinny lack
  • Size: 14 - 26 mm (polymorphic)
  • Nestbiulding: soil nest with mounds that are decorated with branchlets or pieces of grass stems. Will be usually found in eucalyptus tree forests, like half-shaded areas.
  • Nutrition: Sugar water, insects and other small animals
  • Hibernation: Yes (moderate)
  • Air Humidity: dry forest climate
  • Soil Conditions: stoney, sandy with foliage and branchlets
  • Planting: grasses and small plants
  • Specifics: This ant species has a pronounced vision. Like all Myrmecia species, it can also sting painfully.

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