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Myrmecia cf. fulvipes

Ajouté au: 01/13/08
No. article: myfu0001

Smaller Myrmecia species with smaller colonies which is easy to keep and which is not very aggressive. Can be kept in smaller basins, and can be kept moister than Myrmecia pavida for instance. Similar to other Myrmecia species they have a very good sight.

  • Taxonomie: SubfamilyMyrmiciinae, Tribe Myrmeciini
  • Distribution: East Australia
  • Color: Mandible: redish-brown, Head: black, Thorax: black, Gaster: golden, Legs: reddish
  • Nestbiulding: soil nests, often under stones, often near forest
  • Nutrition: insects and honeywater
  • Climate: sub tropical
  • Hibernation: No
  • Air Humidity: dry forest climate
  • Soil Conditions: loamy, stoney
  • Planting: not necessary

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