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Ocymyrmex sp.

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This is a very interesting ant species from southern Africa, which especially stands out due to its exceptional speed when furaging in arid and hot areas. Commonly often called "Hotrod Ant", this ants' genera name also indicates how fast they forage on sandy grounds, primarily preying upon heat-stressed insects. Hence the meaning of Ocymyrmex is simply, fast ant. Another noticeable characteristic is the ability to consume even large prey items in no time.

  • Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae, Tribe: Pheidolini
  • Origin: Botswana and South Africa
  • Color:red brown
  • Size: Queen: about 7 - 9 mm (ergatoid) / Workers: about 7 - 8 mm
  • Dormant phase: In nature from June to end of August; temperatures within this period up to +7 °C at night, up to 20 °C during the day
  • Nutrition: Honey/sugar water and dead insects
  • Temperature: From warm to very hot: about 24 - 34 °C
  • Soil conditions: sandy/rocky soil
  • Nest building: Porous concrete, plaster or soil nests
  • Planting: Typical plants of arid areas
  • Specifics: very fast moving, ergatoid queens

Additional Information: The colonies offered have been kept for about five months and large amounts of brood in all stages have always been present. All colonies developed nicely and showed to be rather easy to keep in captivity. Of course colonies of the offered size also produce males in varying numbers. Obviously each colony contains quite a number of ergatoid queens, but it is unfortunately not possible to determine, how many are actually taking part in the reproduction process.

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