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Some Polyrhachis species

Noticeable golden colored and haired Polyrhachis from South-East Asia.

Camponotus truncatus
Oriental Messor sp.
Myrmicaria arachnoides
Rhytidoponera metallica
Dinoponera australis

The South-American Dinoponera australis is one of the largest ants species of the world and can quite rightly be declared as the largest ant species of America. Only the South-Asian Camponotus gigas is a bit larger.


Most Pseudomyrmecinaes have avery good sight which can be seen on it large eyes.


A beautiful shiny-golden colored Dolichoderine of West-Australia with red legs and a size of approx. 10 - 15 mm.

Pachycondyla tarsata

Pachycondyla tarsata is a ponerinae species from East-Africa that is not only larger than 2 cm, but they are known for two specific distinctions. For one thing, their only recorded prey are termites, for another thing they produce a penetrating smell on disruption or danger.

Plectroctena cf. mandibularis

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